The Girl Behind the Scenes

I’m Madison:)

Sagittarius, as of December 9th.

I’m a vegetarian, working my way into being vegan. & I LOVE to cook.

I also Love people, but i’m very reserved so no one ever sees it. If anyone ever needs anything (to vent, a little inspiration, or just to talk) I’m here for you. 

Interests & Other little things…

- Artist (people say I should draw more, but that makes me want to do it less)

- Night owl (I’ve deprived myself of too many nights of sleep)

- Dreamer/Over thinker (No need for an explanation)

- I love City lights & someday will live in an apartment with a Stunning view.

- <3 My family to death, even though we’re literally split in half.

- I have an unhealthy addiction to the show Friends 

- Jennifer Aniston is my favvvorite actress (amongst many others)  

- Mariah Carey’s music has saved my sanity countless times (If you dislike her music I don’t care, but don’t judge her for some lame ass reason)

- My favorite time of year / Holiday is Christmas (yes the songs, movies, and all… but I can’t stand tacky decoration barf haha)

- I Love Classic Hollywood 

- Black and White film photography 

- And now for the most cliche things that run my mind…

Everything Is Beautiful and Nothing Hurts - Kurt Vonnegut Jr. 


We are what we imagine ourselves to be - Kurt Vonnegut Jr.